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We work with the best. Our clients include:

  • Aerobatic Pilot Sean D. Tucker Presented by Team Oracle
  • America's Cup Defenders Oracle Team USA
  • Lands’ End
  • Architect Sarah Susanka
  • The Taunton Press
  • Landscape Designer Julie Moir Messervy
  • Minnesota Historical Society
  • Builders of Hope
  • Publisher and Editorial Director of Ogden Publications Bryan Welch
  • Aviation Photographer Erik Hildebrandt
  • RelationTrips
  • Lamin-Art
  • Author and Simple Living Expert Wanda Urbanska
  • Architect Sarah Nettleton
  • Home Design Writer Marc Vassallo
  • U+B Architecture & Design, Inc.
  • Physicians Wellness Network
  • OxygenToGo
  • Aviation Foundation of America
  • Marshall Field's
  • The National Air Tour 2003

Book launches:

  • "Builders of Hope" by Wanda Urbanska
  • "FLY NAVY" by Erik Hildebrandt
  • "Beautiful and Abundant" by Bryan Welch
  • "RelationTrips" by Jeff Siegel
  • "The Heart of Simple Living" by Wanda Urbanska
  • "Not So Big Remodeling" by Sarah Susanka
  • "The Not So Big House" 10th Anniversary Edition by Sarah Susanka
  • "The Not So Big Life" by Sarah Susanka
  • "Outside the Not So Big House" by Sarah Susanka and Julie Moir Messervy
  • "Inside the Not So Big House" by Sarah Susanka and Marc Vassallo
  • "Home Outside" by Julie Moir Messervy
  • "The Simple Home: The Luxury of Enough" by Sarah Nettleton
  • "How to Build a House" by Larry Haun
  • "The Barefoot Home" by Marc Vassallo