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Jeff Siegel

Jeff Siegel

Creator of RelationTrips
Author of RelationTrips: A Simple, Powerful Way to Bond with Your Loved Ones Through Personalized Road Trips

In 2000, fun-loving, single-father Jeff Siegel embarked on a spur-of-the-moment vacation with his son Spence that took them across the southwestern tier of National Basketball Association arenas.  Shortly thereafter, Siegel formulated a grandiose plan:  he and Spence would visit every NBA arena and Major League Baseball park in the United States. 

What started as a series of hilarious road games and unexpected tours turned into a journey that would change everything for the Siegel and his son.  Through their quest, Jeff and Spence have re-imagined the classic road trip and invented a new model for a family vacation – the RelationTrip. 

Powerful Presentations, New Book
Through his inspiring and engaging RelationTrips presentations, Siegel provides a practical road map for building enduring family connections and creating trips filled with adventure, imagination, discovery and fun.  With decades of experience creating dynamic presentations for Fortune 500 companies as a creative director, Siegel knows how to share his message with enthusiasm.  He has spoken at public libraries and at national conferences including the Mothers of Multiples convention.

 In the coming months, Siegel will share his sage advice in a new book from Author House, RelationTrips: A Simple, Powerful Way to Bond with Your Loved Ones Through Personalized Road Trips.

Media Resource
Siegel is an articulate, engaging resource for reporters, bloggers and show hosts.  He has appeared on morning news programs including “Showcase Minnesota,” “FOX 9 Morning News” and provided RelationTrips tips on the WDLJ-FM Morning News.

When not planning an adventure with his son, Siegel is a creative director and independent marketing / communications consultant.  Fortune 500 companies such as Merck & Company, Sears, McDonald’s, Nestle and Motorola regularly call on Siegel to direct national meetings, product launches and marketing campaigns.  

Prior to venturing on his own as an independent consultant, Siegel built and managed creative departments at industry-leading agencies Jack Morton and Caribiner International.  He also served as Director of Corporate Communications for Encyclopedia Britannica’s United States Sales and Marketing operation. 

Siegel travels to and from Chicago.  Contact Suzanne Fedoruk Herrick at 1-612-861-7807 or to book Jeff Siegel for your next event.